The evolution of a Rouxbee App – From analog to digital

While everything we create at RouxBee ends up in a digital format, their lifecycles all start in analog form. It may seem strange to say that something consumed on an electric device started in analog form but if you look closely you may find that the digital format is only the second half of an apps life.

From the initial conversation about a budding app, a dry erase pen hits a whiteboard, a pen hits a cocktail napkin, a pencil hits a sketchpad and the ideas start rolling out. Soon ideas mushroom and studio walls are pinned with sketches and whiteboards are filled with frantic half-readable notes and annotations that were just trying to keep up with the pace of thought. Things are getting stacked and trashed but somehow we weed through it all to create apps that we’re very proud of. So in the 21st century you may ask that with so many ways of digitally creating from square one why doesn’t RouxBee utilize them? There’s no question that there’s plenty of gadgets and software out there that can create and wrangle documents and pictures effectively. But the real question is do they offer a more effective way of getting ideas out on “paper”.

We all have been using analog devices since our earliest years and we’ve learned to manipulate them with ease due to the invested time and resulting muscle memory. Most of us started with a crayon on a piece of construction paper and got to translating ideas and visions from our heads onto visual media. We’ve done it so long in fact that imagining and drawing need less visual feedback everyday because it’s become so feel oriented. Those feelings hit a virtual roadblock when a digital tool is involved in the process and most times the end product noticeably suffers for it. Digital tools involve a new set of rules and new ways of imaging things. They can be helpful and with time probably could become a very strong asset. But also with time things lose support, their popularity wanes and the latest device that was so helpful in the past becomes a memory. We at Rouxbee also have a lot of roots in the print, illustration, video, and animation world and like the many other shops they know that creativity just flows better through analog devices. Is it the sexiest or latest thing out there? Probably not, but there’s no argument that it’s very effective. So to the humble piece of wood, graphite, ink, or plastic, the humble sketchpad, sticky note, white melamine board, heck receipt in our back pocket, we salute you. You’re still the best way for us to get our ideas out of our heads and put apps into your hands.

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